Cannabis Pairing


Cannabis Pairing

Pairing Cannabis and food is a new culinary trend taking shape with the legalization of Marijuana. Finding out how to pair Cannabis with food will give you a deeper appreciation for both, but more importantly, you’ll become a Cannabis connoisseur or Cannaseur.

Being a connoisseur of Cannabis can allow you to identify how you’re going to feel without knowing anything about the Cannabis prior to consuming it. Imagine if you could know what type of mood you would be in by identifying the different smells of Cannabis.

So what is a Cannabis Pairing?

Well, it’s simple, it’s the harmonization of Cannabis and Food, or Cannabis and Wine, Cannabis with any food or drink works, but keep in mind it might not always be a good unity.

The way we pair Cannabis with food is by using the Terpene and Flavonoid profiles of the Cannabis and pairing it with the flavor profiles of the food or drink.

What are Terpenes and Flavonoids?

Terpenes and flavonoids are organic compounds that exist in cannabis, as well as other plants, fruits, vegetables, chocolate and even Wine. Terpenes
produce the aromas plants admit while Flavonoids produce the plants color and tastes… But keep in mind 80% of taste is through smell.

Both terpenes and flavonoids have an abundant amount of health and mood benefits. Knowing what they are and how to identify them will aid your daily life and allow you to consume cannabis with intention.