Corporate Cannabis Experiences

Cannabis Tasting Dinners

Corporate Cannabis Experiences

Cultivating Spirits’ corporate packages & events provide experiential marketing through elegance, education, enhancement, and execution!

Corporate events are a great place to honor employees, impress clients, release products, and much more. At Cultivating Spirits, we believe that corporate events should also boost company morale and provide a distinctive, integrated experience for executives and employees alike. There’s no other company doing what we do—especially in the corporate realm. We have an excellent track record in the cannabis event space and can offer a fully produced, illuminative experience to your company or organization.


Corporate Cannabis Events

Incorporating cannabis to your event makes your event attractive to influencers while also pleasing and impressing any guest or employee you want to treat. A few years ago, a cannabis event—especially a corporate one—was a very radical idea. Now, the curtain has been pulled back and there is a reason cannabis dinners are becoming all the rage. Cultivating Spirits seeks to change the status quo—so we encourage you to be progressive and throw the party that everyone will remember for a lifetime.  


A Fully Customized, High-end Cannabis Celebration

Cultivating Spirits aims to provide a fully-integrated, luxury cannabis event. We’ll do everything from envisioning the theme, designing the flow, activating your brand, providing the staff, and hosting the party. But we want this to be a collaborative experience, so we’ll give you the needed space to allow you and your company to shine. This is what we do, and while we love being humble, our reviews have shown that we’re pretty darn good at it. Allow Cultivating Spirits to navigate this unique and upscale event, spotlighting your brand the entire time.


An Adventure in Three-part Harmony

Just as you are experts of your own brands, Cultivating Spirits is an expert on crafting deluxe Cannabis experiences. We believe Cannabis is the third layer to dining behind food and drink, and we know how to serve it with ease and style. We believe in the harmony of all three elements working together, and when it works, the experience is unmatched. Don’t sacrifice the service with a company that doesn’t know cannabis—elevate your event with Cultivating Spirits and leave the expertise in our hands.


Corporate Pricing

Our 50 person, 5-course cannabis pairing dinners start at $8,000 and our 100 person, Cannabis and Hors d’oeuvres Pairing Party starts at $5,000. Cultivating Spirits can also customize an event based on your needs, size, and budget. Please mention the package you are most interested in. We can work you to craft the perfect party for your organization.


Success Stories

Cultivating Spirits is honored to have worked with an amazing list of brands. Past clients and events include: Star Chefs, Native Roots, Headies of State, Magical Butter, X Games Dinner, World Cannabis Week, Collie Buddz, Crepes and Cannabis Pairing, Foria, Vail Valley Partnership, COI Hospitality Summit, Massroots, Binske, and more.

$135 – $249

per person party size ranging from 4-24​



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