Cannabis Pairing Dinners – The Most Loved Culinary Event

Laughter and intellectual conversations filled the air as a new sort of sophisticated social event brightened people’s souls. The ambiance of the ‘Harvest Dinner’ was paired perfectly with the old fashioned vibe created by Mason Jar Event Group, But that wasn’t even the best pairing of the night. That honor goes to ‘The White,’ paired with Boulder County Flatiron Steak and a medley of organic root vegetables. The White, a powerful strain of cannabis with savory musk flavors and hints of zesty-soil, harmonized perfectly with the peppery steak and spicy earth flavors of the root vegetables. This magical experience makes me think of how we need more cannabis pairing dinner parties.

The cannabis pairing dinner party referred to above was put on by Headquarters Dispensary at the Shupe Homestead. Top Chef Winner Hosea Rosenberg and his friends from Blackbelly Market, created and executed this sensational menu after studying the flavor profiles of select cannabis strains. 3 Chicks Bartending artfully crafted cocktails to compliment the food and cannabis while Buds and Blossoms’ flower arrangements brightened up the tables.


At Cultivating Spirits, we do these types of cannabis pairing dinners and tours because we believe this is the light that should be shed on social cannabis events. The enlightened conversations, conscious consumption and attentive appreciation of what we put in our bodies is what these pairing dinners provide. It is not fast food sitting on our couch not remembering what happened 5 minutes ago…which is the opinion mainstream media likes to falsely convey, all to often.

Cannabis pairing dinners are something Cultivating Spirits looks forward to continuing to host, as does Mason Jar Event Group. Hopefully more companies follow this social-culinary-cannabis trend, because the world needs to know about these chic, responsible and mindful events. Cannabis Pairing Dinners are the newest culinary movement and will become the most loved!

Strain of the night; “Lambsbreath” (Sativa.) Jamaican heritage, subtle sweet spice & earthy fragrance with hints of citrus and skunk. Piney flavor & uplifting, pleasant, euphoric & cerebral high” – Headquarters Dispensary

Dish of the night; Housemade s’mores. Pretty much a dessert lover’s dream filled with everything you could ever want on a s’more.


Cocktail of the night; A Wise Man. Caprock organic gin (Colorado), fresh organic sage, grapefruit, and lemon.

Photo credit: Dog Daze Photo



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