3-Course Cannabis Pairing Dinner

Cannabis Tasting Dinners

3-Course Cannabis Pairing Dinner

Our very accessible 3-Course Cannabis Pairing Dinner is the perfect introductory education to cannabis & cuisine. This experience will open your mind while your belly indulges. It’s perfect to get a group of friends and family together to cultivate memories that will last a lifetime. Perhaps you’re hesitant to book because you have a friend who doesn’t consume cannabis—we get it. And that is why Cultivating Spirits makes every effort to ensure it is an enjoyable, eye-opening experience for everyone. Non-smokers still have plenty in which to revel—delicious, high-end cuisine, deep discussion, and unparalleled companionship.


How Does it Work?

We will pair 3 different strains of cannabis with 3 different dishes that are specifically selected to harmonize and enhance one another. Our unique process is done through smoking rather than infusing the food or baking cannabis into the dish. Don’t smoke very much? That’s totally fine—it’s up to you how much you want to consume while our Cannabis Sommelier guides you through the tasting notes of the flower and the food and how they will enhance each other. We will advise you on how to identify the type of high you’ll have before you even smoke by teaching you how to recognize certain aspects of cannabis that will influence and relate to the experience.


What Can I Expect with the Cultivating Spirits Experience?

Simply put, expect your mind to open up to new perspectives on the benefits of cannabis, while becoming a better consumer and enjoying one of the best meals of your life. Cultivating Spirits provides “sensual immersion” with our exquisite pairings of cannabis and delectable foods, adding new adventure to your life.

The in-home 3-Course Cannabis Pairing Package comes with our Cannabis Sommelier, Chef, Serving Staff, a curated menu, 3-course meal, sparkling water, an exclusive dispensary experience, menu design, cannabis table setting, clean up, set up, and a special gift. Of course, cannabis may not be legal in the state you’re traveling from, so Cultivating Spirits holds our customers privacy in the utmost regard. It’s a priority for us to keep our customers information confidential—we abide by the term “what happens at Cultivating Spirits stays with Cultivating Spirits.”


  • A Cannabis dejur inspired 3-course gourmet meal utilizing local, fresh and organic ingredients as much as possible
  • A private Executive Chef
  • A private Cannabis Sommelier
  • A cannabis pairing educational demo on the importance of becoming a Cannabis Aficionado. Learn how to consciously consume Cannabis
  • Culinary Demonstration for each course
  • The Cannabis table setting
  • A gift for everyone
  • Setup and cleanup
  • An exclusive dispensary experience (due to State Laws, Cultivating Spirits can not provide any cannabis. You will be responsible for picking up the cannabis that we will pre-arrange for you)
$135 – $249

per person party size ranging from 4-24​



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