Explore Summit County | Summit County company offers luxury cannabis tours

An article was recently written about Cultivating Spirits by Brandon Evans, from the Summit Daily. This beautiful spread highlights that “This is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience,”. It goes on to illustrate Cultivating Spirits’ intent on defining their signature “high-end” experiences.

The article features Cultivating Spirits “day-long excursion features trips to grows, dispensary tours and glass blowing. The “Sensational Fusion Experience” includes a gourmet dinner, wine tastings and pairings of marijuana strains with particular meals. The “THC Fusion Experience” provides instruction on cooking with cannabis. The company also hosts and caters private events, such as weddings and corporate retreats, and can customize the experience depending on what the client wants.” An emphasis is placed on customization. While many tours are one-size-fits-all, Cultivating Spirits focuses on the needs of the client first.

The writer of the article goes on to explain that, “the group was treated to an in-depth discussion of how to cook with cannabis by Jessica Catalano, author of “The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine.” This well-respected author and Cannabis expert provided a one-of-a-kind experience to the tour group, not found anywhere else. “The group gathered at tables set up around a professional kitchen while Catalano shared knowledge and answered questions that proved helpful to novice and expert alike.”

In addition, Brandon Evans writes, “After the educational segment and a gourmet appetizer, the group loaded into the limo to visit a local dispensary, High Country Healing, in Silverthorne. There the budtenders spent time discussing strains, in particular Casey Jones, a sativa with an earthy and citrus-like flavor that was being paired with the gourmet dinner and dessert to be served later.” The tour did not end there, but tourgoers even went on to enjoy a first-hand sampling in the back of the limo. This is perfectly legal, and carries the same laws as drinking in a limousine.
By the end of the tour, clients were educated, enlightened, and were a part of one world-class tour.

The article was featured in the Summit Daily, and was written by Brandon Evans.

Read more at http://www.summitdaily.com/news/12760575-113/cannabis-tours-marijuana-tour


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