Experience a new kind of massage.

photodune-1556709-spa-lMany have experienced the serenity of a deep tissue massage, but you have never experienced a massage like this. As part of Cultivating Spirits wide array of wellness services, we offer a cannabis-infused massage as one of your options. Cultivate your senses as you bask in the ultimate in relaxation. Enjoy a 5-star massage high in the mountains of Colorado as one part of your Private Event, gala, Grow Tour, or just a tranquil night in the comforts of your own room. Contact Cultivating Spirits today and schedule a Sensational Fusion Experience, Cannabis Tour, Corporate Retreat, Special Event, and book a luxury massage as an additional service, or an experience all its own. If you choose a massage using Cannabis oil, It carries no high except the natural feeling you will get from hours of warmth, comfort, and pleasure.

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At Hotel/Home Anywhere in Summit or Eagle county

$125 60 min/ $160 90 min, per person

At a Spa in Frisco, CO

$100 60 min/$135 90 minute at Spa

Available times 8am-9pm

Call 970-368-2446 to schedule an appointment today