Insiders exclusive: Cannabis Experiences 101

Insiders exclusive: Cannabis Experiences 101

Everybody’s experience of buying recreational cannabis is unique.  For the most part Colorado residents walk into a dispensary, flash their ID, examine the products and happily leave with their tasty treats. However, to those who do not live in Colorado the freedom to do this is a big deal. Tourists travel from every state to be part of the Green Revolution, to freely purchase recreational Cannabis and to exercise their American rights, denied by most states.

At first glance, walking into a legal marijuana grow room is like walking into a science lab. You only see plants and high tech equipment. In actuality it’s a very controlled area where many factors play into re-creating the perfect outdoor environment within four walls. Growing in an indoor environment is much more technical than growing outdoors. The attention to detail is very intense and striving for perfection of the plants is of utmost importance to the growers and bud tenders for providing high grade Cannabis for medical marijuana patients as well as for recreational use.



Cultivating Spirits in Colorado services the mountain areas of Breckenridge, Vail, Keystone and Frisco is one of the most unique and exclusive educational Marijuana Cannabis tours in Colorado, and the United States. Here you may glimpse into this still very secretive world of Cannabis cultivation. The plants, growers and bud tenders are in constant communication with each other and Cultivating Spirits  to give you the finest educational experience and one of a kind insider’s look into how marijuana is cultivated and harvested. Privately escorted by limousine you are then taken to a fabulous gourmet dinner pairing with High Country Healing’s Cannabis suggestion. It is an experience you will never forget – and you will never feel the same about Cannabis again. Just as you have a knowledge of your favorite wines, you will impress all your friends with your knowledge of Cannabis, and you are on your way to becoming a Cannabis connoisseur during this luxurious experience.


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